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TTTrans Festival in Mexico City

For those interested in knowing about trans culture in Mexico City, we invite you to the First Festival of Trans Culture. Sexuality, Politics and Health. It will be celebrated from May 14th to 16th, at Contempo Cinema. Some luminaries of the Mexican trans/gay scene will be there, like Alejandra Bogue, Hazel Davenport and the transmigrated-Spanish sexologist Anabel Ochoa. It will be in Spanish, in case you are interested in practicing your listening skills. Click here for a full schedule of events.

The opening starts at 4 and the entrance is free.

Contempo Cinema. Londres 161, Plaza del Ángel, Zona Rosa. Tel. 5208 4044

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  1. karin says:

    AWESOME!!! I am so happy to hear about this event having taken place!!!

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