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Gay Pride in Oaxaca


Calenda is defined by Wikipedia as “a kind of stick-fighting dance tradition commonly seen practiced during Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago“. This year, Luzónica, a GLBT group based in Oaxaca, is using the word to celebrate their gay pride event, the first gay pride in Oaxaca City–no less. It will take place this Saturday, the motto being Ser diferente es un derecho (Being Different Is a Right). The march will go from Paseo Juárez “El Llano” to the very Zócalo or downtown of the city.

Since this is the first time that an event like this will be celebrated in the Oaxacan capital, I really wish them luck for this and the upcoming years. Go, machas! Go!

Primera Marcha Calenda Por la Diversidad Sexual, June 27th, from Paseo Juárez “El Llano” to the Zócalo, 12 p.m., Oaxaca City.


  1. Suzanne says:

    Hi – actually a “calenda” in this context just means a traditional kind of parade. In Oaxaca these usually involve music, dancing and big puppets called “monos de calenda” that are worn on the shoulders of participants who then dance around. Calendas in Oaxaca are great fun!

  2. jennifer says:

    I am currently living in Oaxaca and would love the contact info for the group ‘Luzonica’ or any other queer-friendly groups I might be able to get involved with. I searched online and wasn’t able to find it. Thanks!

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