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Club 502: Gay Nightlife in Oaxaca

Apparently there are a handful of gay bars in Oaxaca but I only found one.

It was an unmarked black door at 502 Díaz. That’s what they call it, Club 502 but there is no name outside (it’s right across from La Resistencia).

I celebrated my 31st birthday there and I had a blast (I was drunk and so happy to be around gay people that nothing else really mattered at the moment). The club is your standard gay dance club with 90′s decor, lights and smoke, cheesy dance music, lots of drunk dancing, sketchy bathrooms, and strong drinks. The cocktails are cheap and mojito’s are delicious.

The downsides to the club are two major ones…’s about 90% men (we were really missing the machas!) and 2. apparently no “transvestism” is allowed (we saw this on a sign in the bar).

Note from Macha Mexico: Shame on club 502 for its apparently transphobic policy! We would love to hear from readers about other bars in the city of Oaxaca, especially those that are inclusive of all members of our community. Please email if you want to write reviews of other clubs!

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  1. Daniel H. says:

    I checked this place out when I went down thought it was pretty fun but a bit on the Zona Rosa side of the scale. :_) Found some more banda places further down Centro, pero, uyyy, para saber donde eran!

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