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Gay Pride in Mexico City

The traditional gay parade of Mexico City will be celebrated next weekend. It will depart from Ángel de la Independencia to Zócalo at 12 pm. There is along list of organizations that will march next Saturday that range from politics to media and parents of LGBT people. Like every year, those who refuse to march will complain about how this march has become more a carnival than an expression of protest or political fight for LGBT rights and other issues (just like Judith Butler did during the Berlin gay parade last Saturday…).

The main poster is after the jump, and if you look for more information about who is organizing this event click here. If you look for an after party, click here. Although you will have plenty of options, since people will share flayers about parties during the whole march.

Marcha del Orgullo LGBTTTI 2010, June 26th, departing from Ángel de la Independencia to Zócalo, 12hrs.

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  1. alexa says:

    hola,pues la verdad ya buske y buske cual es el dia correcto del festival gay aki en mexico,vivi x muchos anos en CALIFORNIA aya iva alos parades gays,yo soy gay,y me gustaria ir al d aki em mexico solo se q es en este mes….xfavir me ayudan confirmandome la fecha exacta….poooorrrfiiiss..gracias :)

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