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Ultrasonicas in concert

The members Ultrasonicas have been adding their loud female voices to Mexico City’s punk rock scene for well over ten years, playing their riot girl/garage/rock hits at the Foro Alicia, the Mercado del Chopo, and other DF punk venues. Made up of Jenny Bombo, Roxxy Glam, and the ubiquitous Ali Gua Gua, this iconic Mexican female punk band will be performing at Cabaretito Fusion on April 7 as part of the second LGBT Festival of Rock.

If Ali Gua Gua’s name sounds familiar, it may be because she’s been mentioned on this blog many times in various incarnations: DJ-about-town DJ Guagüis, one-woman electroclash act Afrodyke (a “autopiracy” cover of former collaborator Afrodite), and as the lead singer of our favorite queer cumbia punk band, the Kumbia Queers. If you like Ali Gua Gua’s later work, or if you just like tough-ass chicks with guitars, come see Ultrasonicas play their hits in a queer venue.

Ultrasonicas; Thursday, April 7, 2011, 11pm; Cabaretito Fusion, 77 Londres, Zona Rosa; 5511 1613, no cover for women


  1. Erandy says:

    OK first of all I dont know who the hell is this girl named Anna who wrote this article but you know what Anna??? You should update yourself.
    Why?? Well it looks like you just fuking read some notes from any page on internet and just posted them here. ¡¡¡Jessy Bulbo!!! Yes BULBO not Bulboel
    shes not even part of the band anymore. And everyone knows that, when Jessy came out ROXXY GLAM took her place ok….. ¡SHAME ON YOU ANNA!

  2. Anna says:

    Correction appended. I hope my erroneous research doesn’t stop you from checking out their show. Should be a good one.

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