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poetry reading by artemisa tellez

This Monday, local writer, performer, and activist Artemisa Tellez will be performing poems from her new collection Cuerpo de mi Soledad. Her previous published works include an earlier poetry collection Versos Cautivos (2001), and a collection of short stories, Un Encuentro y Otros (2005), as well as essays and short stories published in various anthologies. Although she [...]

Gay Pride in Mexico City

The traditional gay parade of Mexico City will be celebrated next weekend. It will depart from Ángel de la Independencia to Zócalo at 12 pm. There is along list of organizations that will march next Saturday that range from politics to media and parents of LGBT people. Like every year, those who refuse to march [...]

Oaxaca- Responsible Tourism

My girlfriend and I rented a house in a small barrio called San Luis Beltran in Oaxaca City, Oaxaca. We lived there for two glorious months. One of the most rewarding things I did during our time there was participate in Fundacion En Via (formerly called Investours). Fundacion En Via is a non profit microfinance [...]

Macha Mexico: events for this Saturday

This Saturday will be very busy for machas in Mexico City.  A march in the evening, a party for “chicks” and a punky-rockabilly-rocker concert to celebrate Ali Gua Gua’s birthday at night guarantee a full day and night. Here is the info for each event: Lesbian March* For about four years (as I can recall)  [...]

Mexico City from above

In the last few weeks, wind has been blowing in Distrito Federal cleaning the sky, letting us contemplate the volcanoes and the mountains that surround the city. Coming from the airport, you can even see the Paso de Cortés, the saddle that links the Popocatépetl and the Iztaccíhuatl–as a reminder of the romantic legend that [...]

Lectures on same-sex marriage in Mexico City

Opposition against same-sex marriage in Mexico City has prompted several reactions among GLBT groups concerned about defending what it should be considered a matter of rights–and not a matter of opinion or referendums, as the PAN (National Action Party) has put it. The same group that organized the march in defense of same-sex marriage last [...]

Xochimilco Revisited*

You may think that Macha Mexico is obsessed with Xochimilco—but only until you are there you could understand why we go back again and again. Every time I have been there, I have enjoyed the company of great machas and savored great food made right in front of me by an expert woman who can [...]

March in Defense of Gay Marriage in Mexico City

After same-sex marriage was legalized last December 21st, conservatives in Mexico City didn’t wait long to protest and take action against this legal decision. Mariana Gómez del Campo from the conservative Partido de Acción Nacional is the leader of a campaign against same-sex marriage who argues, first, that Mexican constitution states that marriage should be [...]

Merry Christmas, Machas!

Today’s been sunny and bright in Mexico City; the sky is so clear that you can actually see the volcanoes from wherever you are, people seem relaxed, going home to prepare dinner, letting the city feel emptier and emptier…. DF has always had great weather in winter; however, the stereotype of this season as a [...]

Palacio Nacional

At over two hundred meters long, the baroque facade of the Palacio Nacional stretches impressively along the entire eastern edge of the Zócalo. It is from the main balcony of this august building that the president shouts the “Grito de Dolores” on the eve of Mexican Independence to the tens of thousands of people crowded [...]