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1st. Conference of Sexual Diversity at the UNAM

September is a patriotic month in Mexico, a time when you can find good food everywhere, parties, and of course, extravagant manifestations of Mexican nationalism. However, some GLBT people still manage to find spaces where they can get together and discuss their ideas during this time of the year. Such is the case of the [...]

Independence Day: Women of the War of Independence

Tonight, the annual celebrations begin for Mexico’s Independence Day, September 16th. President Calderón will symbolically reenact Father Hidalgo’s “Grito de Dolores” by ringing the original bell, now hanging above the Palacio Nacional, and shouting “Viva México” while half a million on-lookers celebrate in the Zócalo. I hope they don’t get caught in the rain. Tomorrow [...]

Viva Burlesque!

Burlesquimeras attack again. This time, they will celebrate their second anniversary at a little venue in Colonia Condesa. This burlesque group was created a couple of years ago as the result of the first neo-burlesque workshop that performer Old Ma Femme taught during the summer of 2007. If you’ve been following the sexy troupe since [...]

“Clit Party” this Thursday

I was just finishing a coffee in the Condesa on Monday with some friends, when what should arrive with our bill than a stack of flyers for a lesbian party this Thursday. I have to admit I don’t know a thing about this party except what is advertised on the flyer. Will this party be [...]

Gay Pride in Oaxaca

Calenda is defined by Wikipedia as “a kind of stick-fighting dance tradition commonly seen practiced during Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago“. This year, Luzónica, a GLBT group based in Oaxaca, is using the word to celebrate their gay pride event, the first gay pride in Oaxaca City–no less. It will take place this Saturday, the [...]

Mix Platino, back again in Mexico City

I know everybody is busy and excited preparing for the so awaited Gay Parade this weekend. However, the Cineteca Nacional, and other venues, will host the 13th Mix Film Festival. The festival’s main subject is sexual diversity, and this time the movies are selected based on the Damned Poets of the cinema, i.e. those movies [...]

Gay Parade in Mexico City

This year, the gay parade in the Distrito Federal will be different. No queens and no kings showing off their dresses on a stage. Neither no ambassadors, nor sponsors targeting the gay community. The motto is Dignity and Pride. Over the years, many political groups, and participants as well, have complained about the exaggerated festiveness [...]

Semana Cultural Lésbica Gay

As part of the annual GBLT Cultural Week, a series of activities will take place in Mexico City starting this month. This annual event has had to deal with a series of obstacles since 2003, including the death of its original organizer, the activist José María Covarrubias, and the refurbishment of the Museo del Chopo, [...]

Gay Pride Outside Mexico City

Some of my friends compare the gay parade with Christmas. I mean, a queer, festive Christmas during which the LGBT community seems to rise from darkness and gather together. During June, Mexico City seems unexpectedly full of festivals, parties, lectures and readings honoring queer pride. Fortunately, the  meetings and festivals are not organized only in [...]

“Bajo Juárez, the City Devouring Its Daughters”

During the last 15 years, more than 400 women have been found in the desert in the border town of Ciudad Juárez. The profile of the victims has been a constant, dreary pattern: women between 12 and 22 years old, who work for very low wages at sweatshops that maintain the economy of this town. [...]