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The Art of the Bribe

Everyone seems to have their own “the time I bribed a cop in Mexico City” story, so I figured it was time to add my own to the fray. The culture around bribes and cops is so different here than it is in the United States, and, like other bloggers, I left the interaction feeling [...]

Machas on bykes

Biking is not impossible in Mexico City. Weird as it sounds, in the last ten years there have been a series of efforts from the civil society in order to show that peseros, taxis, and of course, particular cars are not the only alternative to move around the city. Bike lovers have created very organized [...]

A Pink Car Named Desire

Sexy glances, veiled smiles, subtle movements and coded signs. Desire between men—and sometimes women—made public in the smallest space of the city is what you can observe in the last car of certain Mexico City subway trains. Also known as the vagón rosa (pink car) or cajita feliz (happy, little box, the Spanish term for [...]

A Macha’s Guide to Taxis

Rush hour gropings not withstanding, the metro in Mexico City is a clean, cheap, and efficient mode of transportation. There are those times, however, when the subways just won’t do. Maybe you’ve got heavy bags to carry, maybe you’re going to one of those corners of the city not easily accessible by public transportation, maybe [...]

Only Women

I began using the Mexico City subway when I was around twelve or thirteen. The difficult thing of the new adventure was not only to understand the intricate labyrinth that is every subway in the world. The first and constant challenge to face was the rush hour, both during mornings and afternoons, which translated into [...]