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Macha Mexico in Photos

Coyoacán is one of the most visited spots by postmodern hippies and artsy youngsters in Mexico City. Maybe that’s why you can find graffiti and stencils invading the facades belonged to the well-off. I found this one particularly great….

Macha Mexico in Photos: Teddy Bear

February just started…with awful weather that includes wind and constant rains. However, stores all over Mexico City do not waste the opportunity to celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day, offering colorful gifts for people in love. Meanwhile, the Chilango GLBT community is planning a march next Saturday to defend gay marriage and the right of adoption for [...]

Merry Christmas, Machas!

Today’s been sunny and bright in Mexico City; the sky is so clear that you can actually see the volcanoes from wherever you are, people seem relaxed, going home to prepare dinner, letting the city feel emptier and emptier…. DF has always had great weather in winter; however, the stereotype of this season as a [...]

Say Goodbye to September

October is over and the national parties as well. The lights in the Zócalo, the big eagle in front of the Cathedral, and the little carts selling Mexican flags will disappear from the big square that is so important to public and political life in Mexico City. The Zócalo is where rallies, protests, gatherings and [...]

Impressive Architecture at the Museo de Antropología

I believe that the Museo Nacional de Antropología is wonderful to visit, not only for the amazing pre-Hispanic artifacts it houses, but for the building itself, designed by architect Pedro Ramírez Vázquez and completed in 1964. It’s peaceful to walk around the large central courtyard, the design of which impresses me no matter where I’m [...]

taken from a pesero on reforma

The lions in New York are not nearly as cool as these.

Macha Mexico in Photos

Mexico City’s sky is still pouring water every day. The major, sad consequences had been serious floods in the outskirts of the city that mean irreversible losses for those living in these areas. However, Mexico is still feeling the effects of the biggest drought that Mexico has gone through since the World War II. If [...]

Macha Mexico in photos

Here is the huge eagle eating a snake that is now being in exhibition at the Zocalo. The brigthy sculpture is part of the decoration of one of the most visited places in Mexico City, and it’s a reference to the old legend about how the Aztecs found Aztlan: the eagle was the sign sent [...]

Photos from Macha Mexico

We passed this window strolling around the Condesa after a romantic dinner. Is it possible to spoil baby Jesus? Enjoy this and other photographs of our Macha Mexico.