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Puebla establishes an annual “Day Against Homophobia”

The legislature of the state of Puebla voted this week to name May 17th “el Día Estatal Contra la Homofobia.” Though the measure appears to be purely symbolic, according to El Universal, supporters hope it will help lay the groundwork in the fight against homophobia in the notoriously conservative state of Puebla. Brahim Zamora Salazar, [...]

Second Gay March in Oaxaca*

In case some Machas are enjoying Oaxaca City this summer, the second calenda is taking place this Saturday, July 10th. This year the motto is All people, all rights. Let’s celebrate being proud of who we are. I think this will be an excellent opportunity to meet LGBT organizations based in that beautiful city. The [...]

Guadalajara: macha central

If you are a queer woman, go to Guadalajara!!! And if you want to party it up at GDL’s only “macha” bar, go to D’Planet Bar! After being in 8 Mexican cities over a period of 4 months, I observed more queer women out and proud in GDL than anywhere else. D’Planet recently opened in [...]

Club 502: Gay Nightlife in Oaxaca

Apparently there are a handful of gay bars in Oaxaca but I only found one. It was an unmarked black door at 502 Díaz. That’s what they call it, Club 502 but there is no name outside (it’s right across from La Resistencia). I celebrated my 31st birthday there and I had a blast (I was [...]

Oaxaca- Responsible Tourism

My girlfriend and I rented a house in a small barrio called San Luis Beltran in Oaxaca City, Oaxaca. We lived there for two glorious months. One of the most rewarding things I did during our time there was participate in Fundacion En Via (formerly called Investours). Fundacion En Via is a non profit microfinance [...]

Xochimilco Revisited*

You may think that Macha Mexico is obsessed with Xochimilco—but only until you are there you could understand why we go back again and again. Every time I have been there, I have enjoyed the company of great machas and savored great food made right in front of me by an expert woman who can [...]

VII Congreso Nacional de Educación Sexual y Sexología FEMESS

This Wednesday the VII National Conference on Sexual Education and Sexology will start in Oaxtepec, Morelos. The Conference is organized by the Mexican Federation of Sexual Education and Sexology, a group of activists, and sexologists that promote sexual and reproductive rights in Mexico. One of the highlights of the Conference is the presence of Mariela [...]

Food and Queers this Week in Zacatecas

This weekend, Macha Mexico is heading northward to the beautiful city of Zacatecas in order to attend to a couple of conferences that are taking place in this colonial spot. The title of the first one is The Global Food Crisis, organized by the Doctoral Program in Development Studies at the Autonomous University of Zacatecas, [...]

Celebrate Mexico Now (in New York City…)

As someone who truly loves Mexico City, but is based (for the time being) in Brooklyn, NY, I was thrilled to realize that this week (Sept. 8-15) is the fifth annual Celebrate Mexico Now Festival here in New York City. From their website: Celebrate México Now, a groundbreaking citywide festival, offers an introduction to the vanguard of [...]

Tepoztlán: a Macha’s Day Out

Tepoztlán is a little town located 50 miles South of the Mexico City. It offers at least three things that machas love: delicious (vegetarian optional) food, spiritual insight in the shape of temazcales and massages, and a hill to climb in order to prove your resistance as a big macha. I’ve been in Tepoztlán many [...]