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Puebla establishes an annual “Day Against Homophobia”

The legislature of the state of Puebla voted this week to name May 17th “el Día Estatal Contra la Homofobia.” Though the measure appears to be purely symbolic, according to El Universal, supporters hope it will help lay the groundwork in the fight against homophobia in the notoriously conservative state of Puebla. Brahim Zamora Salazar, [...]

Mexico City invites Argentina’s first same-sex married couple for a free honeymoon

The Mexico City tourism board is doing a good job promoting Mexico City as a gay-friendly tourist destination: their offer of a free D.F. honeymoon for Argentina’s first same-sex married couple has been reported by more mainstream media sources than I would have guessed. Although the municipality of Mexico City has been performing same-sex marriages [...]

Carlos Monsiváis and the chronicle we will never read

Like many in Mexico City I long admired Monsiváis, but–like few–I had the privilege of becoming his best friend for three long, amazing and wonderful days. This was the third time I organized a conference where he was the key note speaker. And the first time that despite canceling last minute, I convinced him to [...]

“Lo que se ve no se pregunta”: Carlos Monsiváis, 1938-2010

Last Saturday, during Carlos Monsiváis’ wake at Museo de la Ciudad de México, a group of young people unfolded a gay flag and put it on the writer’s coffin. Someone tried to take it away, but the group insisted and placed it right between Mexico and UNAM flags. So far, only one journalist has talked [...]

Let’s Celebrate Same-Sex Marriage in Mexico City!

This evening, the LGBT community will celebrate the legalization of same-sex marriage in Mexico City. After members of Mexico City PAN (National Action Party) fought against the bill–politically supported by Mexican president Felipe Calderón–the Supreme Court dismissed six appeals coming from the governors of Baja California, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Morelos, Sonora and Tlaxcala who argued that [...]

Lectures on same-sex marriage in Mexico City

Opposition against same-sex marriage in Mexico City has prompted several reactions among GLBT groups concerned about defending what it should be considered a matter of rights–and not a matter of opinion or referendums, as the PAN (National Action Party) has put it. The same group that organized the march in defense of same-sex marriage last [...]

March in Defense of Gay Marriage in Mexico City

After same-sex marriage was legalized last December 21st, conservatives in Mexico City didn’t wait long to protest and take action against this legal decision. Mariana Gómez del Campo from the conservative Partido de Acción Nacional is the leader of a campaign against same-sex marriage who argues, first, that Mexican constitution states that marriage should be [...]

Take Action: Immigration Reform and the Uniting American Families Act

I just received the following in an email from Immigration Equality, a U.S. based organization fighting for immigration rights for GLBT and HIV positive people: Senator Chuck Schumer of New York has said he will introduce a comprehensive immigration reform bill early this year.  A window is opening to pass UAFA.   Please send a personalized appeal to [...]

Mexico City tourism minister says: “We will be a gay friendly city.”

Mexico City tourism minister Alejandro Rojas is planning for the increase in gay tourism that he says will result from the city’s recent decision to legalize same-sex marriage. Last Wednesday La Jornada reported that Rojas is looking forward to the influx of capital that will result from gay-marriage-related tourism and calls for greater tolerance from [...]

Homophobic ranting on Televisa morning show

If you want to see an ugly reminder that not everyone is happy about the Mexico City assembly’s decision to legalist gay marriage, head over to Blabbeando, where Andrés reports about Televisa host Esteban Arce using his morning show as a platform for his sixth-grade level homophobia. Arce has all the class of Bill O’Reilly [...]