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Oaxaca- Responsible Tourism

My girlfriend and I rented a house in a small barrio called San Luis Beltran in Oaxaca City, Oaxaca. We lived there for two glorious months. One of the most rewarding things I did during our time there was participate in Fundacion En Via (formerly called Investours). Fundacion En Via is a non profit microfinance [...]

Take Action: Immigration Reform and the Uniting American Families Act

I just received the following in an email from Immigration Equality, a U.S. based organization fighting for immigration rights for GLBT and HIV positive people: Senator Chuck Schumer of New York has said he will introduce a comprehensive immigration reform bill early this year.  A window is opening to pass UAFA.   Please send a personalized appeal to [...]

Responsible Tourism: Immigration Reform

Some readers might be wondering what being a responsible tourist has to do with the debate about immigration reform. Both tourism and immigration, however, are based on a certain freedom of movement, to travel, whether for a long weekend or for a lifetime, away from one’s “home country” in order to explore, to sight-see, to [...]

Responsible Tourism: Giving Back to the Communities You Visit

Anahí and I hope that the readers of this blog strive to be responsible travelers. We recognize that there are many issues involved, including economics, (U.S. and E.U.) foreign policy, the environment, and cultural relativism, to name a few. Therefore, I’d like to introduce a new series of articles about responsible tourism and what it [...]