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La Lagunilla

One of my favorite places in Mexico City is La Lagunilla, a fifty-year-old market close to Plaza Garibaldi and Tepito. Lagunilla means “little lagoon”, a clear reference to the pool from which vendors of the Tlatelolco market transported their goods before the arrival of the Spaniards. The lagoon was dried, as well as the rest [...]

Mercado del Chopo

Few places in Mexico City tell the story of “alternative” culture in the city like the Mercado del Chopo does. The market was born in the early eighties, during an alternative rock festival hosted by the Museo del Chopo. Legend tells that the festival, and especially the market, had such a success that the museum [...]

Plaza Cafe at "La Conchita"

Coyoacán is one of those neighborhoods in Mexico City that is nice (and safe) to get lost in. Wandering off of the two main plazas, any number of the small streets you walk down might open up into another, smaller plaza with a colorful church or interesting building to sit in the shade of and [...]