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Below is an incomplete glossary of Spanish words that are used in the blog and/or in queer communities in D.F.

Note: If a word or expression is marked with an asterisk *, it means that although you might hear chilangos using that word, as a non-Mexican you will sound like a real asshole if you try to use that word yourself.

buga - (adj.) straight, heterosexual; “no voy a ir porque es un antro buga” (“I’m not going because it’s a straight club.”)

chavo/a(n.) guy or girl

chela - (n.) beer; “vamos a tomar una chela” (“let’s have a beer”)

chido - (adj.) cool, awesome

coger - (v.) to fuck

Condechi – (n.) Condesa; (adj.) hipster from the Condesa (not a compliment)

emo – (n.) a sort-of cross between a goth and a punk

darketo/a – (n.) goth

fajar – (v.) to make out

fresa - (n.) preppy (implies wealth, whiteness, and sheltered by privilege), not a compliment

guagüis – (n.) oral sex

*güey – (n.) dude

joto – (n.) fag (can be derogatory or not, depending on the context)

macha – (n. or adj.) dyke or lesbian (can be derogatory or not, depending on the context)

machita – (n.) a young macha; (expression) affectionate nickname for a macha friend; “Hola, machita! ¿Como estás?” (“Hey, pal, how are you?”)

machota – (n.) a big dyke

“una mamada” - (expression) sucks; “La bienal del museo Whitney fue una mamada.” (“The Whitney Biennial sucked.”)

*“¡no mames!” - (expression) “no way!”, “you’re kidding!” (literally: “don’t suck on me”)

naco- (adj.) Describes illiterate, rude people. It is a derogatory term, biased by class perspective, in contrast with fresa. It also refers to an indigenous heritage, combining racism and snobbism. We recommend not to use it at all.

*“¡órale!” - (expression)

*“por fa” - (expression) please, short for “por favor”

triunfar – (v.) to score; “´¿Cómo te fue en tu cita con la macha de Nueva York.”Triunfé .” (“How did your date with the chick from New York go?” “I scored.”)