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“No Somos Muchas, Pero Somos Machas”

Macha Mexico is written by two machas with big dreams for their little website. We would like to add more interactive features, such as forums or messageboards where machas can connect, and collective calendars where people can promote GLBT events in Mexico City. We also hope to make the site completely bilingual to make the site more accessible to machas that don’t read English.

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The best way to help us grow is to spread the word about our website. Link to us from your own blog or website or facebook profile if you think your readers or friends might be interested in Macha Mexico. (Make sure you link to our new url, www.machamexico. com, and not our old wordpress url.) If some friends mention that they are planning a trip to Mexico, direct them to our site.

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In order to cover the cost of hosting, Macha Mexico has set up an affiliate store through Amazon where you can buy books, CDs, and movies that relate to Mexico and traveling. We’ve included stuff that we specifically recommend–those show up on the first page of each category of the store–as well as items we thought looked useful or interesting. When you make purchases at the Macha Mexico Tiendita, or by clicking through the widget on our main page, we recieve a small percentage of each purchase. So check it out!

Book your flights to Mexico (or wherever) by clicking through one of our Orbitz banners or widgets

Both of us here at Macha Mexico use Orbitz to book flights to and from Mexico, and have found the prices to be just as low as any other travel booking website. Orbitz has a 100% rating from the Human Rights Campaign’s 2009 “Corporate Equality Index,” which ranks companies based on the GLBT-friendliness of their policies. Orbitz also has gay and lesbian travel pages that seem less superficial than those on other sites, with gay travel blogs and partnerships with gay and lesbian cruise lines. They also have a travel page for GLBT families. We’re not trying to sell anything here, but if you are thinking of booking a flight through Orbitz, click through us and when you book your flight, cruise, or hotel, Macha Mexico will get a small commission to help us cover our hosting costs.

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