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Macha Mexico in Photos: Teddy Bear

February just started…with awful weather that includes wind and constant rains. However, stores all over Mexico City do not waste the opportunity to celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day, offering colorful gifts for people in love. Meanwhile, the Chilango GLBT community is planning a march next Saturday to defend gay marriage and the right of adoption for [...]

Merry Christmas, Machas!

Today’s been sunny and bright in Mexico City; the sky is so clear that you can actually see the volcanoes from wherever you are, people seem relaxed, going home to prepare dinner, letting the city feel emptier and emptier…. DF has always had great weather in winter; however, the stereotype of this season as a [...]

Palacio Nacional

At over two hundred meters long, the baroque facade of the Palacio Nacional stretches impressively along the entire eastern edge of the Zócalo. It is from the main balcony of this august building that the president shouts the “Grito de Dolores” on the eve of Mexican Independence to the tens of thousands of people crowded [...]

Macha Mexico in photos

Here is the huge eagle eating a snake that is now being in exhibition at the Zocalo. The brigthy sculpture is part of the decoration of one of the most visited places in Mexico City, and it’s a reference to the old legend about how the Aztecs found Aztlan: the eagle was the sign sent [...]

Independence Day: Women of the War of Independence

Tonight, the annual celebrations begin for Mexico’s Independence Day, September 16th. President Calderón will symbolically reenact Father Hidalgo’s “Grito de Dolores” by ringing the original bell, now hanging above the Palacio Nacional, and shouting “Viva México” while half a million on-lookers celebrate in the Zócalo. I hope they don’t get caught in the rain. Tomorrow [...]

Tamara de Lempicka at the Fine Arts Museum

Macha Mexico has been neglecting this exhibit for no reason, but fortunately it’s still time to go. Tamara de Lempicka was a talented Russian painter from the 1930′s, who rubbed elbows with Josephine Baker, Amedeo Modigliani, and Diego Rivera, among others. So there couldn’t be a better place for this exhibit than the building of [...]

Gay Parade in Mexico City

This year, the gay parade in the Distrito Federal will be different. No queens and no kings showing off their dresses on a stage. Neither no ambassadors, nor sponsors targeting the gay community. The motto is Dignity and Pride. Over the years, many political groups, and participants as well, have complained about the exaggerated festiveness [...]

Semana Cultural Lésbica Gay

As part of the annual GBLT Cultural Week, a series of activities will take place in Mexico City starting this month. This annual event has had to deal with a series of obstacles since 2003, including the death of its original organizer, the activist José María Covarrubias, and the refurbishment of the Museo del Chopo, [...]

Salón Marrakech First Anniversary

A year ago, three guys decided to open a bar for queer people who wanted to have fun, chill out, and dance to all kind of music in a place where the decoration would be inspired by the purest quirky pink.  What the three guys had in mind regarding the location was Centro Histórico, a [...]

Where to Stay: Hotel Isabel

On my first trip to Mexico City, I stayed for a week at the Hotel Isabel, which was centrally located, inexpensive, and had lots of character and charm. The hotel, located a few blocks from the Zócalo has all the architectural decadence you would hope for in the Centro Historico; entrances to many of the [...]