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poetry reading by artemisa tellez

This Monday, local writer, performer, and activist Artemisa Tellez will be performing poems from her new collection Cuerpo de mi Soledad. Her previous published works include an earlier poetry collection Versos Cautivos (2001), and a collection of short stories, Un Encuentro y Otros (2005), as well as essays and short stories published in various anthologies. Although she [...]

The Colonia Roma Vampire: a Celebration of Mexican Gay Culture

Thirty years ago, a Mexican novelist talked for the first time about gay life in Mexico City, setting his novel in the Zona Rosa, and the now hipster area, the Colonia Roma. His name is Luis Zapata, and reading his novel is mandatory if you want know about gay Mexican culture. Next Friday a series [...]

Maison Française de Thé: Caravanseraï

What could be more lesbionic than drinking tea in a faux-French setting? (I welcome alternatives in the comments.) It is in this spirit that I mention the Maison Française de Thé, a semi-subterranean tea-lounge located in the heart of the Colonia Roma. Although there is nothing explicitly lesbian about this establishment, to me, the decor, [...]

2nd Annual Rock and Sexual Diversity Film Festival

Today is the opening night of the Second Annual Rock and Sexual Diversity Film Festival, which features film screenings, musical performances, a fashion show, and several dance parties. According to co-organizer Artemisa Téllez, the festival aims to create a space that is welcoming for the GLBT punks, emos, darketos (goths), and others who may not [...]

La Bomba

When I arrived at this bar, the first impulse I had was to call the crowd to order and give a history lesson. This group of queer preppies, dressed in a way that I couldn’t understand, were giving me deja vu from the short period when I worked as a high school teacher. But the [...]

El Under

The Under, Mexico City’s foremost darketo (goth) club, is a must for those seeking a different corner of chilango nightlife. Located in the colonia Roma, The Real Underground was opened a few years ago in order to create a space that was welcoming to members of this subculture. The proprietors of the club, darketos themselves, [...]

Sip it, don’t shoot it at La Mezcaleria

Move over, tequila. Mezcal is taking over as the dominant distilled spirit in chic Mexico City these days. At least, that is what I’m starting to believe after learning that a third location of the adorable and chic mini-chain La Botica opened up this past March in the Zona Rosa, joining the two previous locations [...]