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Clit Party: Electro Pop Love

The Clit Party is back again, with DJ May Crown spinning playful and sexy techno for the ladies to dance to this Thursday in the Condesa. The party offers itself as an alternative to Lipstick, but caters to a similar crowd: twenty and thirty-somethings, middle class, femme-of-center. Being in the Condesa, however, expect a slightly more [...]

Kumbia Knights ride again!

Back in July of last year we posted about Kumbia Knights, then a weekly event at the Marrakech. Now, DJ Guagüis is reviving Kumbia Knights, for one night only (at least for the time being…). This Wednesday, November 11, she joins invited guest Bootlegumachine at El Imperial  in the Colonia Condesa. I’m guessing this is [...]

Photos from Macha Mexico

We passed this window strolling around the Condesa after a romantic dinner. Is it possible to spoil baby Jesus? Enjoy this and other photographs of our Macha Mexico.

Viva Burlesque!

Burlesquimeras attack again. This time, they will celebrate their second anniversary at a little venue in Colonia Condesa. This burlesque group was created a couple of years ago as the result of the first neo-burlesque workshop that performer Old Ma Femme taught during the summer of 2007. If you’ve been following the sexy troupe since [...]

“Clit Party” this Thursday

I was just finishing a coffee in the Condesa on Monday with some friends, when what should arrive with our bill than a stack of flyers for a lesbian party this Thursday. I have to admit I don’t know a thing about this party except what is advertised on the flyer. Will this party be [...]

Lesbian Sushi

Almost three years ago, on my second night in Mexico City, I was invited by a fabulous group of machas to attend one of their birthday parties at “Lesbian Sushi.” I had some reservations about the name of this event, recalling an exceedingly awkward “queer sushi” event I attended at Barnard College, at which uncomfortable [...]

Wednesdays at "Pride": Two for One Martinis

I imagine that every city of the world has a local drink that is a little cheaper, and comes out tasting a little better than it might in other places, a pisco sour in Lima, a nice glass of red wine in Buenos Aires, a cuba libre in Havana. The flip side, of course, is [...]

Sip it, don’t shoot it at La Mezcaleria

Move over, tequila. Mezcal is taking over as the dominant distilled spirit in chic Mexico City these days. At least, that is what I’m starting to believe after learning that a third location of the adorable and chic mini-chain La Botica opened up this past March in the Zona Rosa, joining the two previous locations [...]