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Mercado del Chopo

Few places in Mexico City tell the story of “alternative” culture in the city like the Mercado del Chopo does. The market was born in the early eighties, during an alternative rock festival hosted by the Museo del Chopo. Legend tells that the festival, and especially the market, had such a success that the museum [...]

2nd Annual Rock and Sexual Diversity Film Festival

Today is the opening night of the Second Annual Rock and Sexual Diversity Film Festival, which features film screenings, musical performances, a fashion show, and several dance parties. According to co-organizer Artemisa Téllez, the festival aims to create a space that is welcoming for the GLBT punks, emos, darketos (goths), and others who may not [...]

El Under

The Under, Mexico City’s foremost darketo (goth) club, is a must for those seeking a different corner of chilango nightlife. Located in the colonia Roma, The Real Underground was opened a few years ago in order to create a space that was welcoming to members of this subculture. The proprietors of the club, darketos themselves, [...]