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Guadalajara: macha central

If you are a queer woman, go to Guadalajara!!! And if you want to party it up at GDL’s only “macha” bar, go to D’Planet Bar! After being in 8 Mexican cities over a period of 4 months, I observed more queer women out and proud in GDL than anywhere else. D’Planet recently opened in [...]

Club 502: Gay Nightlife in Oaxaca

Apparently there are a handful of gay bars in Oaxaca but I only found one. It was an unmarked black door at 502 Díaz. That’s what they call it, Club 502 but there is no name outside (it’s right across from La Resistencia). I celebrated my 31st birthday there and I had a blast (I was [...]

Salón Marrakech First Anniversary

A year ago, three guys decided to open a bar for queer people who wanted to have fun, chill out, and dance to all kind of music in a place where the decoration would be inspired by the purest quirky pink.  What the three guys had in mind regarding the location was Centro Histórico, a [...]

Who is afraid of Mexico City?: Saying Good-Bye to the Swine Flu

It seems that the dust is settling down and Mexico is getting back to normal. Even though the Mexican government is still reporting persons killed by the notorious swine flu, allegedly the period of mass contagion is over. Therefore, schools are open again, and people should go back to business. A much needed change in [...]

Back again: Lesbian Thursdays at Cabaretito VIP

One of my favorite lesbian venues in Mexico City, Cabaretito VIP, has reopened after a long closure, bring back their lesbian night on Thursdays for us machas. Cabaretito VIP holds a special place in my heart; it was the location of the first dyke party I went to in Mexico City and was the home [...]

Wednesdays at "Pride": Two for One Martinis

I imagine that every city of the world has a local drink that is a little cheaper, and comes out tasting a little better than it might in other places, a pisco sour in Lima, a nice glass of red wine in Buenos Aires, a cuba libre in Havana. The flip side, of course, is [...]

Kumbia Knights at El Marrakech

Anahí and I have been remiss in not publicizing this weekly event sooner. We went to the opening night the first Thursday after the pride march, and there are only two more Thursdays in July to check out this free party. But, based on the scene we saw on the night we went two weeks [...]

La Bomba

When I arrived at this bar, the first impulse I had was to call the crowd to order and give a history lesson. This group of queer preppies, dressed in a way that I couldn’t understand, were giving me deja vu from the short period when I worked as a high school teacher. But the [...]

Marrakech Salón

I guess this is the upside of the gentrification of the Centro Historico. At least, that’s how I’m interpreting the opening of the Marrakech Salon, a great bar located on Republica de Cuba between the Viena and La Perla, both famous local gay bars. This place was founded by a couple of guys who also [...]