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Second Gay March in Oaxaca*

In case some Machas are enjoying Oaxaca City this summer, the second calenda is taking place this Saturday, July 10th. This year the motto is All people, all rights. Let’s celebrate being proud of who we are. I think this will be an excellent opportunity to meet LGBT organizations based in that beautiful city. The [...]

Gay Pride in Mexico City

The traditional gay parade of Mexico City will be celebrated next weekend. It will depart from Ángel de la Independencia to Zócalo at 12 pm. There is along list of organizations that will march next Saturday that range from politics to media and parents of LGBT people. Like every year, those who refuse to march [...]

Gay Pride in Oaxaca

Calenda is defined by Wikipedia as “a kind of stick-fighting dance tradition commonly seen practiced during Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago“. This year, Luzónica, a GLBT group based in Oaxaca, is using the word to celebrate their gay pride event, the first gay pride in Oaxaca City–no less. It will take place this Saturday, the [...]

Semana Cultural Lésbica Gay

As part of the annual GBLT Cultural Week, a series of activities will take place in Mexico City starting this month. This annual event has had to deal with a series of obstacles since 2003, including the death of its original organizer, the activist José María Covarrubias, and the refurbishment of the Museo del Chopo, [...]

Gay Pride Outside Mexico City

Some of my friends compare the gay parade with Christmas. I mean, a queer, festive Christmas during which the LGBT community seems to rise from darkness and gather together. During June, Mexico City seems unexpectedly full of festivals, parties, lectures and readings honoring queer pride. Fortunately, the  meetings and festivals are not organized only in [...]

XXI Semana Cultural Lésbica-Gay

From June 24th to 27th the Semana Cultural Lésbica-Gay will be celebrated in Mexico City. This year, the slogan is “Desvío en construcción” (Deviation or Detour under construction) and it will take place in many venues in the city. The man in charge of this particular event was José María Covarrubias, a life-time activist during [...]

Gay Pride Mexico City: Stage Line-Up

June 28th marks Mexico City’s 30th annual gay pride march (and my first “pride” in Mexico City). The march starts at the Angel de Independencia in the Zona Rosa and ends at the Zócalo, where free musical and theatrical performances will take place on the main stage. These shows were coordinated by lesbian activist Martha [...]

Mexican Families

The concept of “family” has been changing over the years. Around the globe, the traditional model of dad-mom-children is not the only example to follow anymore, and Mexico is not an exception in this trend. An example of this is the series of photographs taken by Óscar Sánchez since 1996 of queer families living in [...]