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Second Gay March in Oaxaca*

In case some Machas are enjoying Oaxaca City this summer, the second calenda is taking place this Saturday, July 10th. This year the motto is All people, all rights. Let’s celebrate being proud of who we are. I think this will be an excellent opportunity to meet LGBT organizations based in that beautiful city. The [...]

Some Queer Readings

Two readings on new books focused on lesbianism and queerness will take place this Friday in different parts of the city. The first book is Entre amoras. Lesbianismo en la narrativa mexicana by María Elena Córdoba Rivera. The book will probably become one of the very few analysis about lesbian literature in Mexico. Experienced activists [...]

VII Congreso Nacional de Educación Sexual y Sexología FEMESS

This Wednesday the VII National Conference on Sexual Education and Sexology will start in Oaxtepec, Morelos. The Conference is organized by the Mexican Federation of Sexual Education and Sexology, a group of activists, and sexologists that promote sexual and reproductive rights in Mexico. One of the highlights of the Conference is the presence of Mariela [...]

Historias de Amor

This Thursday the Museo Universitario del Chopo is opening an exhibition brought to Mexico City by the Spanish organization Asociación Cultural Visible. The main purpose of this association, and thus, of the exhibition, is to open spaces for the GLBT community in order to achieve visibility and change the way that the broader society conceives [...]

1st. Conference of Sexual Diversity at the UNAM

September is a patriotic month in Mexico, a time when you can find good food everywhere, parties, and of course, extravagant manifestations of Mexican nationalism. However, some GLBT people still manage to find spaces where they can get together and discuss their ideas during this time of the year. Such is the case of the [...]

Viva Burlesque!

Burlesquimeras attack again. This time, they will celebrate their second anniversary at a little venue in Colonia Condesa. This burlesque group was created a couple of years ago as the result of the first neo-burlesque workshop that performer Old Ma Femme taught during the summer of 2007. If you’ve been following the sexy troupe since [...]

Food and Queers this Week in Zacatecas

This weekend, Macha Mexico is heading northward to the beautiful city of Zacatecas in order to attend to a couple of conferences that are taking place in this colonial spot. The title of the first one is The Global Food Crisis, organized by the Doctoral Program in Development Studies at the Autonomous University of Zacatecas, [...]

2nd Trans Festival in Mexico City

Macha Mexico is very glad to announce the Second Trans Festival of Mexico City. Thanks to the efforts of the Trans community and some machas directly involved in the organization of this event, arts and politics will merge again for those interested in knowing more about trans population in Mexico City. If you have the [...]

Gay Pride in Oaxaca

Calenda is defined by Wikipedia as “a kind of stick-fighting dance tradition commonly seen practiced during Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago“. This year, Luzónica, a GLBT group based in Oaxaca, is using the word to celebrate their gay pride event, the first gay pride in Oaxaca City–no less. It will take place this Saturday, the [...]

Mix Platino, back again in Mexico City

I know everybody is busy and excited preparing for the so awaited Gay Parade this weekend. However, the Cineteca Nacional, and other venues, will host the 13th Mix Film Festival. The festival’s main subject is sexual diversity, and this time the movies are selected based on the Damned Poets of the cinema, i.e. those movies [...]