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“Lo que se ve no se pregunta”: Ana Gabriela Guevara

Some people say that appearances can be deceptive. Ana Gabriela Guevara, the Mexican track and field athlete, specialized in the 400 meters, is a good example of this. When she won the gold medal at the 1999 Pan American Games in Canada, many Mexicans were shocked by the strength and determination of this woman; her [...]

“Lo que se ve no se pregunta”: Christian Chávez

Decades had to pass by before a mainstream Mexican musical artist dared to talk openly about his homosexuality–and with not as much criticism as one could have expected. Compared to Juan Gabriel and Fabiruchis’ stories, shaped by ambiguity and lies, Christian Chavez’s coming out story is an example of how much easier is to deal with homosexuality [...]

“Lo que se ve no se pregunta”: Fabiruchis

His mistake was not paying up. His punishment was having to see his bloodied, unrecognisable face on the covers of tabloids all over the city. This was the ironic story of Fabian Lavalle, a.k.a. Fabiruchis, the host of Mexican gossip show La Tijera. Fabiruchis was forced to face a flood of gossip and speculation about [...]

“Lo que se ve no se pregunta”: Juan Gabriel

When asked directly about his sexual orientation during a TV show broadcasted all across Mexico, singer Juan Gabriel made one of the most definitive statements about homosexuality, private life and its links to the hypocritical sectors of Mexican society. Indeed, in the Mexican mainstream there is a moral double standard that accepts the existence of [...]