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1st. Conference of Sexual Diversity at the UNAM

September is a patriotic month in Mexico, a time when you can find good food everywhere, parties, and of course, extravagant manifestations of Mexican nationalism. However, some GLBT people still manage to find spaces where they can get together and discuss their ideas during this time of the year. Such is the case of the [...]

Viva Burlesque!

Burlesquimeras attack again. This time, they will celebrate their second anniversary at a little venue in Colonia Condesa. This burlesque group was created a couple of years ago as the result of the first neo-burlesque workshop that performer Old Ma Femme taught during the summer of 2007. If you’ve been following the sexy troupe since [...]

Second Annual Lesbian Week at the UNAM

A series of lectures, workshops and shows begin today as part of the Second Lesbian Week, organized by the Grupo Lésbico Universitario. Most of the events will take place at Ciudad Universitaria, the beautiful campus of the National Autonomus University in Mexico city. If you are interested in knowing more about Mexican lesbian literature, lesbian [...]

Burlesque in Mexico City

Burlesque in Mexico has always been related to images of Chinese-Mexican dancer Lyn May dancing on an dark stage, somewhere between Garibaldi and the surroundings neighbours. Last summer, what I could call a Mexican queer group gathered together for random reasons, and took a workshop on neo-burlesque with Old Ma Femme. The result was the [...]