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Some Queer Readings

Two readings on new books focused on lesbianism and queerness will take place this Friday in different parts of the city. The first book is Entre amoras. Lesbianismo en la narrativa mexicana by María Elena Córdoba Rivera. The book will probably become one of the very few analysis about lesbian literature in Mexico. Experienced activists [...]

Second Annual Lesbian Week at the UNAM

A series of lectures, workshops and shows begin today as part of the Second Lesbian Week, organized by the Grupo Lésbico Universitario. Most of the events will take place at Ciudad Universitaria, the beautiful campus of the National Autonomus University in Mexico city. If you are interested in knowing more about Mexican lesbian literature, lesbian [...]

Salón Marrakech First Anniversary

A year ago, three guys decided to open a bar for queer people who wanted to have fun, chill out, and dance to all kind of music in a place where the decoration would be inspired by the purest quirky pink.  What the three guys had in mind regarding the location was Centro Histórico, a [...]

This week: Islandia’s birthday party and a Cramps tribute show with burlesque!

Late notice, but tonight at the Marrakech, our favorite macha DJ, Sonido Islandia, is having her birthday party. I’m sorry to be missing this event (in New York at the moment), not only because it celebrates a dear friend, and one of the fiercest divas around, but because I suspect this party will be a [...]