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La Lagunilla

One of my favorite places in Mexico City is La Lagunilla, a fifty-year-old market close to Plaza Garibaldi and Tepito. Lagunilla means “little lagoon”, a clear reference to the pool from which vendors of the Tlatelolco market transported their goods before the arrival of the Spaniards. The lagoon was dried, as well as the rest [...]

Xochimilco: a macha’s day out

The Xochimilco canals are hardly an undiscovered secret in Mexico City; they are described in all the handbooks as a worthwhile destination for tourists and chilangos alike. Rightfully so. The afternoon I spent there for a friend’s birthday was one of the nicest I’ve ever had in Mexico City. Lake Xochimilco was the breadbasket of [...]

Orgasmic Micheladas at Restaurante Marifer: a narrative of Pie de la Cuesta

A bout of wanderlust last summer left me itching to get out of D.F. to explore parts of Mexico that I had never visited. After a friend decided to lend us her car for a few days, we decided to take a road trip to Acapulco. I wanted to spend a day or two indulging [...]

Tortas: La Barraca Valenciana

With all the culinary experiences to be had in Coyoacán, one strategy I support is picking restaurants that won’t leave you too full to sample at least a fraction of the pastries, coffees, gelados, esquites, and other tempting fare available on almost every corner. In that respect, La Barraca Valenciana, a modest and inexpensive joint [...]