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Second Gay March in Oaxaca*

In case some Machas are enjoying Oaxaca City this summer, the second calenda is taking place this Saturday, July 10th. This year the motto is All people, all rights. Let’s celebrate being proud of who we are. I think this will be an excellent opportunity to meet LGBT organizations based in that beautiful city. The [...]

Club 502: Gay Nightlife in Oaxaca

Apparently there are a handful of gay bars in Oaxaca but I only found one. It was an unmarked black door at 502 Díaz. That’s what they call it, Club 502 but there is no name outside (it’s right across from La Resistencia). I celebrated my 31st birthday there and I had a blast (I was [...]

Oaxaca- Responsible Tourism

My girlfriend and I rented a house in a small barrio called San Luis Beltran in Oaxaca City, Oaxaca. We lived there for two glorious months. One of the most rewarding things I did during our time there was participate in Fundacion En Via (formerly called Investours). Fundacion En Via is a non profit microfinance [...]

Gay Pride in Oaxaca

Calenda is defined by Wikipedia as “a kind of stick-fighting dance tradition commonly seen practiced during Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago“. This year, Luzónica, a GLBT group based in Oaxaca, is using the word to celebrate their gay pride event, the first gay pride in Oaxaca City–no less. It will take place this Saturday, the [...]


Great machas in a great city. This is the best definition of Luzónica, a group of young queer women based in Oaxaca City, who seek to sensitize Oaxacan society about sexual diversity through arts and cultural expressions. Carina, Yiyi, Cois, Lety, Sofi—all of them between 19 and 30 years old—decided to create this group to [...]