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Organic Options in Coyoacán: Ruta de la Seda

Is it just me, or do lesbians seem to have a lot of dietary restrictions? Some of us are vegetarian and vegan, of course, but I’m surprised by how many of us also seem to have a lot of food allergies, be it to red dye, nuts, milk, gluten, and other seemingly innocuous items. Maybe [...]

La Pagoda: "Tan Popular Como Siempre"

One of the things I love about the Centro Historico is the way the combination of the architecture, the fonts on the signs, and the styles in the storefronts allows you to time travel through decades, even centuries of Mexican history. Simply walking down Cinco de Mayo, from the majestic Palacio de Bellas Artes, past [...]


“No coke allowed”, says the sign at the entrance of Cafe Papalotl. A successful restaurant run by a kind woman, Consuelo, who respects the rules of fair trade by serving a coffee that comes from Mexican fields, directly bought to indigenous people. A coherent practice with the sign that welcomes both regulars and new clients [...]

Orgasmic Micheladas at Restaurante Marifer: a narrative of Pie de la Cuesta

A bout of wanderlust last summer left me itching to get out of D.F. to explore parts of Mexico that I had never visited. After a friend decided to lend us her car for a few days, we decided to take a road trip to Acapulco. I wanted to spend a day or two indulging [...]

Sanborns: The Almighty Café

Every guide to Mexico City includes La Casa de los Azulejos (The House of Tiles) as a must-visit spot. Located in the Centro Historico, opposite the Torre Latino, this building is famous for the beauty of its blue tiles, imported from Puebla when the building was constructed in 1596 for the Count of Orizaba. Legend [...]

Tortas: La Barraca Valenciana

With all the culinary experiences to be had in Coyoacán, one strategy I support is picking restaurants that won’t leave you too full to sample at least a fraction of the pastries, coffees, gelados, esquites, and other tempting fare available on almost every corner. In that respect, La Barraca Valenciana, a modest and inexpensive joint [...]