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Clit Party: Electro Pop Love

The Clit Party is back again, with DJ May Crown spinning playful and sexy techno for the ladies to dance to this Thursday in the Condesa. The party offers itself as an alternative to Lipstick, but caters to a similar crowd: twenty and thirty-somethings, middle class, femme-of-center. Being in the Condesa, however, expect a slightly more [...]

Lesbian Sushi

Almost three years ago, on my second night in Mexico City, I was invited by a fabulous group of machas to attend one of their birthday parties at “Lesbian Sushi.” I had some reservations about the name of this event, recalling an exceedingly awkward “queer sushi” event I attended at Barnard College, at which uncomfortable [...]

Back again: Lesbian Thursdays at Cabaretito VIP

One of my favorite lesbian venues in Mexico City, Cabaretito VIP, has reopened after a long closure, bring back their lesbian night on Thursdays for us machas. Cabaretito VIP holds a special place in my heart; it was the location of the first dyke party I went to in Mexico City and was the home [...]

Kumbia Knights at El Marrakech

Anahí and I have been remiss in not publicizing this weekly event sooner. We went to the opening night the first Thursday after the pride march, and there are only two more Thursdays in July to check out this free party. But, based on the scene we saw on the night we went two weeks [...]

ladies’ night at lipstick

I had been coming regularly to Mexico City for over a year before I finally made my way to Lipstick on a Thursday night for their weekly lesbian party. I use the word lesbian here intentionally–this is not a dyke party, at least not according to my New York/San Francisco-bred sensibilities. I dare say that [...]