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Carlos Monsiváis and the chronicle we will never read

Like many in Mexico City I long admired Monsiváis, but–like few–I had the privilege of becoming his best friend for three long, amazing and wonderful days. This was the third time I organized a conference where he was the key note speaker. And the first time that despite canceling last minute, I convinced him to [...]

Some Queer Readings

Two readings on new books focused on lesbianism and queerness will take place this Friday in different parts of the city. The first book is Entre amoras. Lesbianismo en la narrativa mexicana by María Elena Córdoba Rivera. The book will probably become one of the very few analysis about lesbian literature in Mexico. Experienced activists [...]

Noam Chomsky at the UNAM

Seriously, I hope it’s not too late to post this. BUT, today at 4 pm Noam Chomsky will be talking at the Sala Nezahualcóyotl as part of Mexican newspaper La Jornada‘s 25th anniversary. If you think you cannot make it, you can listen to the lecture online on Radio UNAM, or on TV through Skype, [...]

1st. Conference of Sexual Diversity at the UNAM

September is a patriotic month in Mexico, a time when you can find good food everywhere, parties, and of course, extravagant manifestations of Mexican nationalism. However, some GLBT people still manage to find spaces where they can get together and discuss their ideas during this time of the year. Such is the case of the [...]

Second Annual Lesbian Week at the UNAM

A series of lectures, workshops and shows begin today as part of the Second Lesbian Week, organized by the Grupo Lésbico Universitario. Most of the events will take place at Ciudad Universitaria, the beautiful campus of the National Autonomus University in Mexico city. If you are interested in knowing more about Mexican lesbian literature, lesbian [...]

Ciudad Universitaria

CU or Ciudad Universitaria, the gigantic campus of the UNAM, is divided into two areas: The first one, closer to Insurgentes Avenue, consists of the most representative buildings of the campus: the Jardin Botánico (Botanic Garden), the Olympic Stadium, decorated by Diego Rivera’s murals, the Torre de Rectoría (decorated with a three-dimensional mural by David [...]


“No coke allowed”, says the sign at the entrance of Cafe Papalotl. A successful restaurant run by a kind woman, Consuelo, who respects the rules of fair trade by serving a coffee that comes from Mexican fields, directly bought to indigenous people. A coherent practice with the sign that welcomes both regulars and new clients [...]

Public Displays of Affection

Something that I began noticing on my first trip to Mexico City and that still grabs my attention is the necking that seems to be taking place on benches, lawns, and (occasional) street corners throughout the city. Kissing does not adequately describe these fits of public love-making: these are not gentle pecks exchanged before parting, [...]