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Macha Mexico: events for this Saturday

This Saturday will be very busy for machas in Mexico City.  A march in the evening, a party for “chicks” and a punky-rockabilly-rocker concert to celebrate Ali Gua Gua’s birthday at night guarantee a full day and night. Here is the info for each event: Lesbian March* For about four years (as I can recall)  [...]

Merry Christmas, Machas!

Today’s been sunny and bright in Mexico City; the sky is so clear that you can actually see the volcanoes from wherever you are, people seem relaxed, going home to prepare dinner, letting the city feel emptier and emptier…. DF has always had great weather in winter; however, the stereotype of this season as a [...]

Palacio Nacional

At over two hundred meters long, the baroque facade of the Palacio Nacional stretches impressively along the entire eastern edge of the Zócalo. It is from the main balcony of this august building that the president shouts the “Grito de Dolores” on the eve of Mexican Independence to the tens of thousands of people crowded [...]

Say Goodbye to September

October is over and the national parties as well. The lights in the Zócalo, the big eagle in front of the Cathedral, and the little carts selling Mexican flags will disappear from the big square that is so important to public and political life in Mexico City. The Zócalo is where rallies, protests, gatherings and [...]

Macha Mexico in photos

Here is the huge eagle eating a snake that is now being in exhibition at the Zocalo. The brigthy sculpture is part of the decoration of one of the most visited places in Mexico City, and it’s a reference to the old legend about how the Aztecs found Aztlan: the eagle was the sign sent [...]

Where to Stay: Hotel Isabel

On my first trip to Mexico City, I stayed for a week at the Hotel Isabel, which was centrally located, inexpensive, and had lots of character and charm. The hotel, located a few blocks from the Zócalo has all the architectural decadence you would hope for in the Centro Historico; entrances to many of the [...]

Femme Dream Date: Museo del Calzado

More than two years past between when I first read about the Museo del Calzado in the Moon Guide to Mexico City‘s section on “Surreal Mexico City” and the day I finally set foot inside this delightful museum dedicated to shoes. The museum, which is run by Centro Historico shoe emporium El Borceguí–an institution unto [...]

Gay Pride Mexico City: Stage Line-Up

June 28th marks Mexico City’s 30th annual gay pride march (and my first “pride” in Mexico City). The march starts at the Angel de Independencia in the Zona Rosa and ends at the Zócalo, where free musical and theatrical performances will take place on the main stage. These shows were coordinated by lesbian activist Martha [...]

Bell Tour at the Cathedral Metropolitana: Cheap Views of the Zócalo

Fantasies about nuns aside, I’ll admit that there is not much that could be considered “macha” about the Cathedral Metropolitana. However, on a hot day I’ve always found that the quiet dimness of the cathedral provides a cool sanctuary from the bustling traffic and bright sunlight of the Zócalo. Assuming you are not one to [...]